Welcome to Petri Bar, the heart of the hotel. Discover delightful cocktails, local specialties, and gourmet snacks. Join us each morning for a pleasing breakfast spread served in the same inviting space.


Petri Bar

Welcome to the heart of our hotel, the Petri Bar - a true gem waiting to be discovered. Here, we take pride in curating an exceptional experience by sourcing the finest local ingredients.

At the core of our ethos lies a commitment to sustainability. We craft our own eco-friendly gin, embodying our dedication to environmental responsibility.

Prepare to indulge in innovative cocktails that push boundaries of flavor, complemented by a wide selection of wines, spirits, and locally sourced sustainable beers. Our commitment to quality extends to our gourmet bar snacks, ensuring every aspect of your visit is a tantalizing delight.

Join us and embark on a journey of taste, where every sip tells a story of craftsmanship and passion for excellence.



Sunday-Wednesday: 5pm - 12am
Thursday-Saturday: 5pm - 1am

Breakfast Buffet

Indulge in our exquisite Breakfast Buffet, a treasure trove of morning delights that cater to every taste. From comforting traditional porridge to the wonderful goodness of chia seed pudding, a delightful range of pastries to the wholesome goodness of rye bread - our buffet offers a diverse symphony of flavours and textures.

For those craving a hearty start, savour our selection of sausages and baked beans, or opt for the Scandinavian touch with kale and pickled herring. To complement these delights, we offer a variety of beverages including coffee, tea, and hot chocolate, alongside an assortment of milk options and freshly squeezed juices.

Start you day on the right foot.




Monday-Friday: 6.30am-11am
Saturday-Sunday: 7am-11am

No reservation needed.