Sustainability at Skt. Petri

Together with SH Hotels & Resorts, we share a tradition and culture of serving as a tribute to sustainability. We're deeply committed to uplifting the planet, people, and places that sustain our operations. This is not simply our business model; this is our responsibility. 


This is what we do 

Most showers and taps have a low pressure to reduce water consumption
We turn off half of the lights in the hallways at night
Every year, all lights are turned off during EARTH HOUR
95% of our light sources are LED or energy-saving bulbs
We use heat recovery ventilation
All food waste is used for biogas
Together with Too Good To Go, we offer a discount on our breakfast buffet after opening hours
When you say ‘no thanks’ to housekeeping, we donate 50 DKK to Green Kayak and support their work on keeping the waterways clean

This is what you can do 

Unplug all your devices and adapters from power sources when fully charged or not in use
Use your towel more than once
Turn off taps when brushing your teeth
Say no to plastic bags when shopping
Reduce water bottles – tap water in Denmark is among the purest sources in the world
Rent a bike at the reception – be sustainable and see Copenhagen like a local

Wind Energy

Skt. Petri runs on 100% offshore wind energy.


All food waste is used for biogas, we don't use palm oil and we only serve MSC certified fish.