Meet Jacob, Conference Supervisor



25 years old


Viborg, Denmark

For how long have you worked at SKT. PETRI?

3 months

What is your favourite place in Copenhagen?

I really like Islands Brygge. It’s where I live and I think it’s a really quiet and cosy area, but still close to the city centre. It’s a really cool place to go when you’re visiting Copenhagen. 

Tell a fun fact about you:

I’m actually incredibly clumsy. I’ve broken a LOT of glasses at my former job.

Tell about your nicest guest experience:

I actually focus a lot on what’s not going so well. Not because I’m Mr. Glass Half Empty, but I think it’s important to think about how you can do better. I’ll happily walk that extra mile for a guest. If someone for example lost something I do everything I can to find that item.

What gets you up and to work in the morning?

The guests. I like having contact with guests and to give great service. 

How is your relationship with your colleagues?

I have a really good relationship with my colleagues, from the people working in the kitchen, in booking and in the restaurant. A lot of them are joking me around and I love that!

How would you describe SKT. PETRI as a workplace?

It’s a place that is dedicated 100%. Even the smallest details have been thought through and contribute to a holistic experience. There is always a wall that is being painted, so it looks new and fresh. It’s a place that I’m proud to show off!

Why did you apply for a position at SKT. PETRI?

I have worked very long hours and on weekends in previous positions and I really wanted a “normal” job, where I would also have some free time. I’ve always liked the hotel industry. There’s just a certain vibe in a hotel.