Yes, we care

When we say we care, we mean it. Together with Nordic Choice we share a tradition and culture of doing more than is expected – for our guests, our employees, the community and the environment within different areas of sustainability. We call this work WeCare.

As a result we are ISO 14001 certified. This is a generic name for an international environmental management system, that secures we continously improve our environmental performance. All day, every day, always.


This is what we do 

  • Most showers and taps have a low pressure to reduce water consumption
  • We turn off half of the lights in the hallways at night
  • Every year, all lights are turned off during EARTH HOUR
  • We use 100% offshore wind power
  • 95% of our light sources are LED or energy-saving bulbs
  • We use heat recovery ventilation
  • We don’t use palm oil and only serve MSC certified fish
  • All food waste is used for biogas
  • Together with Too Good To Go, we offer a discount on our breakfast buffet after opening hours
  • When you say ‘no thanks’ to housekeeping, we donate 50 DKK to UNICEF and support their fight against trafficking of children
  • We are part of the “Good Neighbour” project

This is what you can do 

  • Unplug all your devices and adapters from power sources when fully charged or not in use
  • Use your towel more than once
  • Turn off taps when brushing your teeth
  • Say no to plastic bags when shopping
  • Reduce water bottles – tap water in Denmark is among the purest sources in the world
  • Rent a bike at the reception – be sustainable and see Copenhagen like a local

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100% wind energy

SKT. PETRI runs on 100% offshore wind energy.

we are ISO 14001 certified

An environmental system ensuring that we continously improve our environmental performance.

The food revolution

All food waste is used for biogas, we don't use palm oil and we only serve MSC certified fish.

GIFFTS Award by Preferred Hotels

Nordic Hotels & Resorts and SKT. PETRI have been awarded the GIFTTS Award by Preferred Hotels & Resorts for our efforts towards a cleaner and safer world. 

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