Bo Bech is one of Denmark’s most celebrated chefs and food personalities and a visit to his restaurant Geist will make it very obvious why that is. His focus on seasonal, local ingredients is legendary, Bech believes that you should see what you eat. But don’t expect plain food – to the contrary! Geist is on the forefront of Denmark’s new Nordic cuisine, executing dishes with precision and a little twist. The raw interiors of the restaurant with its concrete floors and muted colors are dialed back so that the food always is the stand-out. You can easily walk to Kongens Nytorv where Geist is located in just over 10 minutes from Hotel Skt. Petri. But make sure to book a table in advance, most of the time there are no free seats for dinner.

Kongens Nytorv 8
1050 København K
Mon-Sun 12am-4pm & 5pm-1am

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