PHOTO STORY: Kenneth Nguyen & Alona Vibe

Alona Vibe and Kenneth Nugyen have taken photos for Skt. Petri. They have a wonderful sense of aesthetics and a caring for details, which is exactly what they have sought to spotlight since the new design at the hotel simply oozes with details.

“What’s so wild about photography is that it’s the only thing that can transcend time and place by capturing the moment, allowing us to be present in a time that has already passed.”

Kenneth and Alona are also a couple privately and have with this assignment enjoyed working closely together for the first time:

“We understand each other’s ideas and messages we seek to convey and have been able to assist each other very naturally with the different parts of the assignment: the creative and performing aspects, the hard ones and the fun bits. It’s definitely been a pleasure, which means we are planning to do more together in the future.”

Kenneth says about Room 114: “There’s plenty of light and you have a clear view down to the street. That room just has a very special atmosphere.”

Alona: “I don’t think you can stay more ‘in the heart of’ Copenhagen. The hotel’s emphasis on embracing and re-telling the neighbourhood’s history is also unique. I like when ‘new’ concepts build on bygone times. And the executive chef is a wonderful creature, by the way.”

Alona: “When I stay at a hotel, it’s most often in connection with an assignment or lengthy travel, and often with Kenneth. It is therefore crucial that we feel we can relax 100 percent from the moment we step into the room. In addition, I also give importance to the light and that the environment is visually inspiring. And then it’s also important to me that the bed is welcoming and that I can imagine waking up the next morning in a totally exhilarating morning scene with breakfast in bed, highlighted by a perfect ray of sunlight.”

Kenneth: “It’s important to me that you can relax and that it’s functional. I travel a lot and it’s mostly work-related, so when I get back from a shoot, it’s just very important that I can charge all my stuff without having to bring extra power strips. It’s very basic, but there’s almost nothing more frustrating than a lack of practicality. In addition, I love returning and throwing myself on a big bed after 12 hours on the shoot and just totally unwind.”

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