Constituted Revenue Manager



27 years old



Time at SKT. PETRI:

1,5 years


What is your favourite place in Copenhagen?

I like to go out to places such as Refshaleøen. It is very down to earth and informal. Another thing I love is to sit under the big tree on Gråbrødretorv with a cup of coffee and just enjoy the atmosphere. There’s often street musicians playing. Actually, Gråbrødretorv was also the first area I worked in when I came to Copenhagen. I have so many good memories from there. 


Tell a fun fact about you:

Growing up, I competed in rabbit show jumping for more than 10 years. My sister and I participated in countless competitions and travelled all over Sweden to compete.


Share your best story from SKT. PETRI:

I will never forget when a former colleague was handling a booking manually. She was speaking to a French agent and there was some confusion as the agent didn’t speak English that well. Being quite confused my colleague had named all the guests “without breakfast” in French. When we tried to retrieve the booking it was nowhere to be found as all the guests were named “without breakfast”. 

What gets you up and to work in the morning?

Right now it’s because I’m quite busy. To work with revenue you need to have a somewhat nerdy approach to the job and I really like that. My work days consist of more or less the same and I thrive with that. I spend a lot of time working in Excel where I analyse the market and keep an eye on how we sell our rooms. I compete a lot against myself and I like that better than competing against others.


How is your relationship with your colleagues?

I love my colleagues. Especially because I’m relatively alone in my position. It therefore means everything to me that I have some good colleagues around me. They are all kind and we help each other to keep up the spirit. It’s really like working with your mates and there’s always time to joke around and have a good laugh. 

How would you describe SKT. PETRI as a workplace?

Before working at SKT. PETRI I worked at a much larger hotel. It is much more calm here at SKT. PETRI. It has been prioritized to have enough staff, to really care about the details and the guests. 


What is the best thing about working at SKT. PETRI?

There are so many possibilities! That’s why I love working in the hospitality industry in general. There are all sorts of departments at SKT. PETRI, so you can draft between departments if you’re looking for new challenges. And if you’re looking for something completely different then SKT. PETRI is part of the Nordic Choice chain, so it is even possible to evolve your career abroad. 


Why did you apply for a position at SKT. PETRI?

I have previously worked in front office, but wanted to try working in back office. When I studied my favourite subject was revenue management, but I always thought I was too young and didn’t have enough experience to work within revenue. I started working as a Revenue Assistant, but I’m currently working as a substitute Revenue Manager.


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