Restaurant & Bar Manager



29 years old


Taulov, Denmark

For how long have you worked at Dada?

6 months


What is your favourite place in Copenhagen?

I really like The Barking Dog. It’s a very informal bar, but they’re creating great cocktails. There is a really cool atmosphere there.


Tell a fun fact about you:

I’m the only Afro-Danish in Taulov.


What is your favourite Dada dish and cocktail?

Well, I invented some of our cocktails so I’m probably a little bias (haha). I really like Arabian Tea. It’s simple and it looks good. It’s a black tea infused vodka with grapefruit soda that is topped with grapefruit foam. It’s super fresh! My favourite dish is the one with cod that is on the menu at the moment. Cod with feta, olive sauce and kale on top.

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Tell about your nicest guest experience:

I don’t have one. Because I experience the guests being so nice all the time. Just the other night we had two guests, that were so incredibly nice! You know, when you start off welcoming people with a smile and you end up giving them a hug on the way out. Which actually happens weekly. That the guests receive a personal service, and that they can feel the person giving that service is the most important thing to me.


What gets you up and to work in the morning?

The sense of ownership is what gets me going. I’m responsible for a handful of people, who all demands a little extra from me. We have a common goal and I’m the captain for making that happen. When I’m at work it’s the guests that motivates me. Then the perspective changes.  


How is your relationship with your colleagues?

You’ll have to ask them (haha). It’s primarily good. There is room to be goofy and talk together, but as it’s my responsibility to make sure that tje restaurant is running smoothly, I’m primarily their boss. I’m probably the most private person here, as I often skips the beer after work. Our relationship is good, but I like to keep a small distance.

How would you describe Dada as a workplace?

I would describe Dada as being fun and energetic, but you also need to be wearing your running shoes when working. It’s busy and you always have something to do. We do informal service. It doesn’t have to be so fancy, but it also means that we need to run a little faster sometimes. There is loud music and you dance your way down to the tables and you’re in a good mood. It means a lot for the atmosphere we create. And the happier the staff is, the happier the guests. It’s contagious. 


What is the best thing about working at Dada?

I’m looking for two things in a job: to have fun and to develop. It’s really important to me to keep developing and there’s plenty of oppertunity to do so in the hotel industry. That’s what I think is interesting about working in a place like SKT. PETRI, Dada and in the whole Nordic Choice chain, and that means a lot to me.


Why did you apply for a position at Dada?

Well, I actually wanted to work for one of the sister hotels, so Dada was just a way to get to know the systems and then take a step from there. However, things have changed since then, so you’re not getting rid of me just yet!


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