“A hotel must be a home away from home”

Fashion icon Pernille Teisbæk checked into Hotel SKT. PETRI and turned room 629 into her home for a month. But what makes a hotel really stand out? We talk to the savvy traveller.


Centrally located in a vibrant city

Pernille Teisbæk has stayed at countless hotels across the planet and has experienced a world of difference in every detail, including everything from the softness of the mattress and the selection of restaurant menus to the way good hospitality is presented.


“Because I travel so much, it’s important for me to feel at home even when I’m out. That’s why I visit the same hotels around the world again and again. That way I know I can get a nice smoothie, for instance – and I get to know the neighbourhood in which the hotel is located,” says Pernille Teisbæk.

The location of the hotel is especially important to Pernille Teisbæk:


“I would like to walk straight out into the vibrant city from the hotel without having to take a metro ride. I want to get to know the local neighbourhood, whether in Paris or New York – as when I stayed at SKT. PETRI and found the café with the best croissants nearby


Luxury lies in good service

Pernille emphasises a relaxed yet ambitious level of service. The staff needs to be attentive and dedicated.

“It takes more than splendid settings to be a good hotel. It’s also incredibly important that the staff can read the guests and know their routines – so you can expect your room to be cleaned as soon as you’re out of the door, allowing you to return to a newly made bed. And it’s a luxury when the staff is ready to receive me the moment I struggle through the revolving door with all my shopping bags, which often happens at SKT. PETRI,” says Pernille Teisbæk with a smile.


SKT. PETRI gave us new life

Indeed, it was a very special experience for the staff at SKT. PETRI when Pernille Teisbæk in her last stages of pregnancy moved into the hotel for a whole month. In fact, she gave birth to her son, Billy Bjørn, the same day she checked out. Shortly after, she, her husband and their two-week old Billy Bjørn moved back into the hotel for a week.

But luckily, Pernille Teisbæk could feel completely at home at SKT. PETRI.

“Finally, I shouldn’t forget to say that it was a luxury so shortly before childbirth to move into SKT. PETRI and get pampered for a month,” she says, and continues: “I immediately felt at home in the large, stylish room overlooking the beautiful Latin Quarter where the church spires rise sky-high. I feel so much at home when every detail is so carefully thought through,” she concludes.

Pernille Teisbæk’s 5 hot spots near SKT. PETRI


1. Another Nué is definitely one of my favourite stores, which is a delight to behold when it comes to interior design, but which also offers plenty of delicious international brands as well as their own, Lovechild1979 and Nue Notes.

2. Democratic Coffee makes the city’s best croissants, which are the perfect little snack for the road.

3. Vibskov offers a whimsical international blend of brands as well as their own brand, called Henrik Vibskov. I’m always hugely inspired by the boutique’s international feel and style.

4. Times Up Vintage is by far one of the best and most luxurious vintage stores in the city. I have found a few treasures down there myself, such as a nice Chanel belt and some delicious silks carves.

5. The Round Tower is an iconic attraction offering scenic vistas of the city’s many spires.

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