“A hotel must be a home away from home” - Skt Petri

“A hotel must be a home away from home”

Fashion icon Pernille Teisbæk checked into Hotel SKT. PETRI and turned room 629 into her home for a month. But what makes a hotel really stand out? We talk to the savvy traveller.


Centrally located in a vibrant city

Pernille Teisbæk has stayed at countless hotels across the planet and has experienced a world of difference in every detail, including everything from the softness of the mattress and the selection of restaurant menus to the way good hospitality is presented.


“Because I travel so much, it’s important for me to feel at home even when I’m out. That’s why I visit the same hotels around the world again and again. That way I know I can get a nice smoothie, for instance – and I get to know the neighbourhood in which the hotel is located,” says Pernille Teisbæk.

The location of the hotel is especially important to Pernille Teisbæk:


“I would like to walk straight out into the vibrant city from the hotel without having to take a metro ride. I want to get to know the local neighbourhood, whether in Paris or New York – as when I stayed at SKT. PETRI and found the café with the best croissants nearby


Luxury lies in good service

Pernille emphasises a relaxed yet ambitious level of service. The staff needs to be attentive and dedicated.

“It takes more than splendid settings to be a good hotel. It’s also incredibly important that the staff can read the guests and know their routines – so you can expect your room to be cleaned as soon as you’re out of the door, allowing you to return to a newly made bed. And it’s a luxury when the staff is ready to receive me the moment I struggle through the revolving door with all my shopping bags, which often happens at SKT. PETRI,” says Pernille Teisbæk with a smile.


SKT. PETRI gave us new life

Indeed, it was a very special experience for the staff at SKT. PETRI when Pernille Teisbæk in her last stages of pregnancy moved into the hotel for a whole month. In fact, she gave birth to her son, Billy Bjørn, the same day she checked out. Shortly after, she, her husband and their two-week old Billy Bjørn moved back into the hotel for a week.

But luckily, Pernille Teisbæk could feel completely at home at SKT. PETRI.


“Finally, I shouldn’t forget to say that it was a luxury so shortly before childbirth to move into SKT. PETRI and get pampered for a month,” she says, and continues: “I immediately felt at home in the large, stylish room overlooking the beautiful Latin Quarter where the church spires rise sky-high. I feel so much at home when every detail is so carefully thought through,” she concludes.


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