Brunch plate for bottomleess brunch

Bottomless Brunch

Get your booze on for the weekend. Two of our favourite things have come together. Add an extravagant brunch offering with bottomless cocktails and you have our Bottomless Brunch. 

Indulge in savoury waffles, cured salmon from the Faroe Islands, fluffy french toast, classic eggs Benedict, sweet treats, freshly cooked pizzas and not to forget boozy cocktails for two hours. 


Saturday: 12.00-16.00


The food 

Waffle | Cured salmon from the Faroe Islands & organic green herbs
Eggs Benedict | Rye bread, Skagen ham & hollandaise 
French toast | Brioche, maple syrup, fresh berries & whipped cream
Skyr | granola & fresh berries 
Pizza | Selection of freshly cooked stone baked pizza 

The Drinks 

The starter | Cucumber, bell pepper, green tea, parsley, lemon, sugar & soda
More-Tea-Ni | Hendricks Gin, cucumber, cucielo, lemon & sugar
The International | Linie Aquavit, Tio Pepe Fino Sherry, cranberry, rosemary cordial & tonic
Cherries in the garden | Stauning Rye Whiskey, Frederiksdal cherry liqueur, Frederiksdal rød, lemon & sugar
Clarified Il Pairata | Appleton (8 year's old), Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge, herbal liqueur, lemon & orgeat

495 per person